It’s fun to be one! Monmouth, Oregon Baby Photographer

I met up with baby Ryanne and her family last week for her one year old photos the day before her first birthday.  It was a hot August evening but the small spot on the Western Oregon University campus that we used was chillier than expected with a breeze.  Ry was a trooper though, and we got a lot of great photos.  If Ryanne looks familiar that’s because I did her newborn and 3 month portrait sessions as well.  I love it when parents bring props for photo sessions, especially cute ones like Ry’s favorite toy “Dough” the kitty.  Her dad is a big basketball fan (and player…his team won the Summerfest 3×3 tournament!) so we took several photos of her with her baby hoop which turned out to be some of my favorites.  The tongue out expression just cracks me up!

Looking upSitting on her chairAmazed

Ry with parents
ThinkingRy with KittyCrawling
Family on campus

Baby Basketball

Kristen - What a cutie, lovely captures.

Andrea Healy - With that tongue out she looks just like her dad lol!

Melissa Stottmann - I am totally in love with this baby <3 Her outfit is adorable- the location is pretty and the light is yummy!!

Christy Harper - Wonderful job, these are super cute 🙂

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