About the Artist

Welcome! I’m Kellie Parry and I specialize in custom newborn, maternity, and baby photography.  I also love to photograph families (yes, even the big extended families!) and high school seniors.  I’m a native Oregonian and was raised in Clackamas and have lived the past 14 years in the Salem area.

 While I love the rain as much as the next girl nothing makes me quite as happy as our beautiful summer and fall sunsets with absolutely breathtaking light!  As a primarily on location photographer I have tons of experience shooting in overcast and almost-but-not-quite-raining situations in addition to the summer months of sun and am confident I can create beautiful art no matter the weather.

I absolutely love photographing newborns and babies and my husband loves that it keeps my baby fever at bay!  I’m a mom to two great kids and am very aware of the challenges that newborns and babies bring and totally won’t be offended if you need to nurse your baby or if your sweet bundle of joy pees on me.  In fact, I kind of expect it!

I feel very blessed to capture my client’s family memories and strive to make the process enjoyable, relaxed, and dare I say it? Fun!  I’m not shy meeting new people and love getting to know my clients during our time together. By the end of your session we’ll get to know each other well enough that you can laugh at me balancing a ginormous reflector over my head or modeling a “princess pose” to show your 3 year old how it’s done.